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I sort of had to let it out… sorry!

Sorry, but what exactly happened today?

Did they walk into an alternative reality or something?

There I was expecting the continuation of an intense scene or rather some introspection but instead i get a Khushi running around, jumping, being happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Khushi’s character. And i get it that the basis of her character is that she always puts others before, etc etc. But like come on! No HUMAN person can go through so much emotional turmoil and come out unscathed! And as much as I love Khushi, but her bravado and naiveté are just unrealistic. I just can’t swallow it anymore. The cracks should be showing by now. But they are not. Or are they and I have missed them? But yesterday’s episode… come on, what was she expecting to tell her parents if not the truth about the ending of her marriage? And how is it going to help to delay it another 10 days? 

I don’t know. Something just didn’t fit today and its not the first time. Loopholes that never get filled. They don’t even attempt for a continuation anymore.  And I think i’m starting to loose hope that it ever will. 

End of this outpour of feelings for a show that i really really loved and still do love.

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